Sir Ronald Lindsay' Private Photo Album

Sir Ronald Lindsay' Private Photo Album - - nnnn


Superb Photo album belonged to Sir Ronald Lindsay, British servant and diplomat.


The album is a collection of 225 photographs in a space of time that goes from 1924 to 1930, important years of the of the English Diplomatic's career.


In the first part you can see a vast assortment of photos taken at the assignement of the Ambassador in Constantinople, with beautiful shots of the British Embassy in Turkey, the view from the windows, the interior, and a splendid series of seven photographs of larger format depicting the Turkish Embassy Guard in full uniform.


The album continues with a collection of pictures collected from around Constantinople, and you can admire the monastery of St. Sophia, the Bosphorus, the Courtyard of Seven Towers, the Golden Gate, Hissar Rumili, the Seraglio with the famous Janissary's Tree. Curiosity: the tree, now luxuriant, had just been pruned at the time, and only had a small branch.


In the following pages you can see a rare series of aerial photographs of Constantinople, where you see on the left side of each photo the tie-rods of the wings of the biplane from where they were taken!


Many other photographs are of a private nature, and you'll actually see the Ambassador Lindsay with some friends or with his family, scenes of everyday life, taken around Turkey and on board of the steamer Makook. Beautiful is the picture entitled Tea in the Garden ...


Other photos are of an official nature: one depicts the ambassador in front of a railway carriage, another is next to the Italian Ambassador Montagna, loyalist to Benito Mussolini, another shows him at work in his studio, another shows him next to Princess Obolensky, a Russian Noble Family close to the Tsar Romanov.


There are then two photos, one in Athens and one in Dresden, dated 1928; a series called London July 1928 - March 1930 with a variety of beautiful large format photos depicting the interior of 52, in the prestigious Eaton Square in London.


The album ends with a picture of an English lady taken with "double face", a passage from "Alice in Wonderland", and the words: "the Bi-National Ambassadress trying to watch both Countries."


The whole album should be written by the hand of Sir Lindsay.


Sir Ronald Lindsay was the fifth son of the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres James Lindsay. His brilliant political career led him to be British Ambassador to Turkey, Germany, Permanent Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs from 1928 to 1930 and Ambassador to the United States from 1930 to 1939.


Photo Album

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